The Essentials of Pastoral Leadership

24 Lectures

​​​​I was honored to do 24 lectures on "The Essentials of Pastoral Leadership" for Trinity Video Seminary, an internet seminary.  The lectures are being translated into Spanish, Russian and Hindi for the seminary. 

But, here are links to the lectures in English if you would like to see them.

​"Practical Guide to Pastoral Leadership:
Teaching Notes from 17 Doctor of Ministry Classes"​

Jesus was the God/man when He came to earth to become our Savior. He was crucified for our sins. His resurrection proved that God is more powerful than sin. But notably, Jesus was and is a leader. Time and again during His earthly ministry He demonstrated His leadership. He gathered, trained and led the twelve disciples and multiplied His followers. Through His world-wide vision of going to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the world over 2 billion people follow Him today. Importantly, He expects for there to be leadership in His Church. This compilation of teaching notes from Dr. John Vawter’s Doctor of Ministry classes are all about leadership…leading in a way that honors Jesus and extends and matures His Church. The notes should prove helpful to anyone wanting to grow in or teach on leadership.

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Session #1 - Preparation for Leadership

​                      Leadership Lessons from John 13-14  

                      Leadership Lessons from John 15-16  

                      Leadership Lessons from John 17

Session #2 - Ministry That Reflects Jesus Christ  



Session #3 - Leadership Evaluation 

                      Lessons for Dynamic Leadership

                      Quality of Leadership

Session #4 - The 21st Century Leader

                      Pastor Leadership in I Thessalonians  

                      Vital Principles for Leadership Part 1  

                      Vital Principles for Leadership Part 2

Session #5 - ​Passion in Ministry

                      What is Passion? 

                      The Pastor's Strength

​Session #6 - The Reality of Pastoral Leadership  

                     Circles of Pressure  

                     The Essentials of Pastoral Leadership 

                     Mountain Moving Faith

Session #7 - Personality and Leadership Styles

                     Effective Performance

                     Strengths and Weaknesses

​Session #8 - Personality and Leadership Styles - Backup Styles

                     Dealing with Autocrats and Attackers

                     Dealing with Acquiescers and Avoiders

Session #9 - Leadership Development 

                      Character and Leadership

                      Leadership Principles from the Mountain

Session #10 - Leaders and Managers

                       Are Leadership and Managers the Same?

                       The Understanding of Leadership

Session #11 - Principles for Successful Leaders

                       General Facts

                       The Five "I Believes" of Leadership

​                       The Circle of Orthodoxy

Session #12 - Dealing With and Loving Critics

                       Surviving and Thriving in a Tough Profession

​                       How to Handle Criticism



Session #13 - Cutting Edge Churches and Evaluating Them

                       Church Health

                       Life Cycle of Ministry

Session #14 - Size, Health, and Evaluation of Our Churches

                       Lyle Schaller's Classification

                       The 21st Century Church

Session #15 - The Church of the Future

                        How It Will Look

                        Tomorrow's Church Today

Session #16 - The Challenge of Following the Holy Spirit

                        Understanding Change

                        Resistance to Change

Session #17 - Visionary Leaders


                        Keeping and Maintaining the Focus of The Vision

                        Some Thoughts on Vision

Session #18 - Planning:  Seeking God's Mind

                         The Value of Planning

                         Strategic Planning

Session #19 - The Decision-Making Pastor


                         Godly Guidelines for Decision Making

Session #20 - Healthy Churches Evaluate Their Ministry

                         Ministry Evaluation

                         Managing Ministry:  Opportunity or Oxymoron? 

Session #21 - Knowing Your People, Community, and Culture

                         People in Your Church

                         Your Jerusalem

                         Your Culture

Session #22 - Volunteers Are the Key to Ministry

                          Motivating Lay People for Ministry

                          Utilizing Resources

                          Cultivating Giftedness

Session #23 - Building a Mature Board

                           Ten Core Essentials for a Godly and Healthy Board

                           Board Recruitment and Training

Session #24 - Review

                          Review of Class