The nightly news and the morning paper both tell us of the pervasive nature of drug abuse among children and adults. But none of us expect it to happen in our homes. You're Not Alone . . . In this ground-breaking book, pastor and speaker John Vawter shares his daughter's journey from addiction to sobriety. Other pastors, counselors and teachers-along with their now sober adult children-discuss the lure and trap of substance abuse. These leaders open their hearts to reveal the agony in their homes and the grace of God through it all. . . . when your child's on drugs. If your child is ensnared by alcohol or other drugs, you will feel the empathetic arms of parents reaching out through the pages of this book. These deeply intimate stories will inspire you to persevere through difficult days and sleepless nights.

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The world we live in today is hostile. From road rage to unkind words, our society suffers from a lack of grace. It doesn't have to be that way, writes John Vawter. Uncommon Graces examines character traits and attitudes that bring dignity to human relationships, injecting grace into the dehumanized society in which we find ourselves. If you want to treat people with kindness and dignity, Uncommon Graces will encourage and equip you to show grace to a hostile world.

Transforming Church Boards
Developed by Dr. Dennis Baker, David C. Fisher and Dr. John Vawter

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For Churches in Transition

Developed by Dr. Dennis Baker and Dr. John Vawter

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Articles by John Vawter

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Achieving High Performance Friendship Study Guide 

"Building Brotherhood", two 5-week studies titled "Achieving High Performance Friendship" and "Friends Helping Friends Grow in Christ".  

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"Practical Guide to Pastoral Leadership:
Teaching Notes from 17 Doctor of Ministry Classes"

Jesus was the God/man when He came to earth to become our Savior. He was crucified for our sins. His resurrection proved that God is more powerful than sin. But notably, Jesus was and is a leader. Time and again during His earthly ministry He demonstrated His leadership. He gathered, trained and led the twelve disciples and multiplied His followers. Through His world-wide vision of going to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the world over 2 billion people follow Him today. Importantly, He expects for there to be leadership in His Church. This compilation of teaching notes from Dr. John Vawter’s Doctor of Ministry classes are all about leadership…leading in a way that honors Jesus and extends and matures His Church. The notes should prove helpful to anyone wanting to grow in or teach on leadership. 

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Books by John Vawter

This book is a humorous take on the "art" of searching for and finding lost golf balls (golf ball hawking). It is a collection of true stories, stories that should be true and insights on hawking that others have given the author or that he thought of himself. American golfers lose 300,000,000 golf balls per year. About 75% of those are found. Do you know how many that means are yet to be found? So why is there any question about why hawkers hawk?

​​Jesus changes everything. His life, message, death, and resurrection are game changers for all humanity. In the only sermon Jesus ever preached He reveals a new way to live. It's a way that seems upside down from our natural way of thinking but all the evidence confirms that Jesus is right. In a world that constantly chases fulfillment without finding it, Jesus reveals that life to the fullest is closer than we think. Upside Down Crown unpacks the brilliance of the right-side-up way of Jesus.

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"The Beatitudes: You'll Never Be The Same"

Transcribed Sermons by John Vawter delivered at Wayzata Free Church in Minneapolis in 1991.

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Men commonly experience life without deep meaningful friendships. The aim of this book is to help men achieve high performance friendships when they are in need of physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual support.  How can we achieve high performance friendship? Why not consider how Christ treated his male friends during His human experience? Could there be a better possible example? This book provides stories and principles of high performance friendship by drawing on the exemplary manner in which Christ treated His friends during His time on earth.

All proceeds from sales of Church Board Training manuals go to the ministry of Interim Pastor Ministries.

Article                                                               Publication

Ministry is a Many-Peopled Thing               Evangelical Beacon             

When Your Kids Use Drugs                               Family Life Today              

Signs of a Growing Church                                Evangelical Beacon             

Why Deciding is Only Half the Battle            Leadership                           

The Agony and Ecstasy of Feedback              Leadership                           

Fog Bowl                                                                     Sports Illustrated                

The Low-Grade Infection Syndrome             Leadership                           

When a Child Dies                                                   Leadership                           

Mentoring in a Seminary Context                   Seminary and Graduate School Handbook     

Hit By A Ton of Bricks: 10 Years Later            Leadership Website                      

 Understanding Recovery                                     Leadership Website             

Bringing Health to Unhealthy Boards
Developed by Dr. Dennis Baker, David C. Fisher and Dr. John Vawter

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